Intruder Alarm

We provide an excellent quality of intruder alarm system that is available in both Wireless and Wired panels. Our products are easy to operate and known for their high performance, accuracy, quick response time and excellent protection against Fire. They are used for checking and reporting any intrusion or breakthrough into the premises highly reliable and easy on operation.

Our Burglar alarm system is ideal for use in various institutions such as jewellery shops, corporate offices, residential and other segments.

We have complete accessories for Burglary alarm systems:
Magnetic Door Contact / Shutter Contact .
Motion Detector.
Panic Button.
Smoke Detector.
Glass Break Detectors.
Vibration Sensor.

Other related features
1. Burglary If anyone would enter into the premises then alarm will be triggered and protect you 24/7.
2. Medical In case of accidents / medical emergencies just press button to get ambulance service or family doctors
3. Duress In case of any violence / threats just press key button to get police emergency service.
4. Fire If there is any smoke / fire in the premises just press fire button in keypad to avoid fire caused disasters.

Secure Your Premises round the Clock

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